Introducing our sales manager:



Meet our Sales Manager, Grace! A true local of Marquette, Grace is the type of person that always has sunshine in her pocket and brings it wherever she goes. You can tell when she walks into a room (or the greenhouse) because everything tends to get a little brighter. 


In the last 3 years of working as a customer service extraordinaire at Nagelkirk Gardens, Grace has developed impressive skills as a team player and leader, now stepping into her 4th year in the greenhouse as a manager. 


She starts each day at work with a smile, thrilled that she’s essentially “outside” all day - bopping in and out of the greenhouse to tend to customer needs. When she’s not supporting cashiers, Grace is bustling around completing curbside pick-up orders or returning phone calls to answer customer questions. 


When our eager customers call with a question about item availability, she makes it a personal mission to make sure they’re getting the most accurate information possible. Grace recognizes what a special opportunity each customer interaction presents. She says, “I hope the people I have the privilege of helping know that I sincerely care about their experience at our business.” If you’ve ever experienced customer care at the hands of Grace, you’d know that this statement rings true a thousand times. 


You could probably guess it, but when Grace isn’t at work she loves gardening! Watching the sun rise, exercising, and spending time at her family’s camp on Lake Superior are a few of her other favorite pastimes. 


Give us a call at (906) 228-7441, and it’s very likely that our delightful Sales Manager, Grace, will take your call! If you’ve got questions about product availability, check the Greenhouse & Nursery tab on our website by clicking the link in our bio. Or better yet, come see what healthy plants we’ve got growing in our greenhouse for yourself!