Introducing our event and venue manager:


If you’ve already scheduled your 2021 wedding at our new event venue, then you probably already know this lovely lady. It’s Jaime! Jaime is our talented Event and Venue Manager here at Nagelkirk Gardens, whose wild passion for life reflects in her approach to planning celebrations. 


Born and raised here in Negaunee, she’s worked in the event industry everywhere from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Boise, Idaho, and most recently Chicago, Illinois where she moved to Marquette from - we sure are lucky to have her! With over 6 years of experience in related fields, Jaime knows the ins and outs of special occasions and has a dynamic set of skills to show for it. 


She wears many hats here at Nagelkirk Gardens. As you walk through our showroom, you’ll notice hints of Jaime’s magic expressed through beautifully finished calligraphy and thoughtfully dazzling displays. She’s behind our newly designed website, and can be found finalizing contracts or showcasing our event space to curious clients. 

Outside of work, Jaime surrounds herself with art and music. With an old record spinning and a carefully crafted cocktail favored from her bartending days, she can be found with paints and pens in hand, drafting her next canvas or lettered message. 

An artistic coordinator at heart, Jaime loves event managing most of all. Bringing to life the visions of her clients is exciting, and it calls on her strengths of organization, communication, creativity, and problem solving. She’s the type of person that thrives in chaos and considers issues before they even come up, so you can have a truly seamless special event. 

If you’ve got a vision for your wedding, or there’s something a little different you’d like to try for your next special occasion, leave it to Jaime to hash out all of the details. She can be reached at or at (906) 228-7441.