Introducing the best boy:



Hi! Hey, hello! My name is Jaxon, and I am so happy to meet you! At Nagelkirk Gardens, I am the official Greeter and Goodwill Ambassador, and have been for 5 years. I was born kind of far away, in Pennsylvania, and was raised in Eben Junction - which was awesome! There is always a ton of room to run around and play out there. When I am not in Eben, I am in Harvey, babysitting kiddos and playing with everyone who visits Nagelkirk Gardens!


Oh boy, my job is so much fun, let me tell you. I lay around, play fetch, keep an eye on the staff, and of course shake paws and give kisses to customers! The best part is that I get to be with Mom and Dad all day - how lucky am I?! When it’s time to get a big job done, though, I go for rides in the side-by-side buggy. Weeeeeee!


I love making new friends with those who come to visit Nagelkirk Gardens, and catching up with familiar faces. Some people think I look scary - but I am far from it! I am a friend to all, even the chickens and geese at home are not afraid of me.


I am the goodest boy there is, according to Mom. She took me to school at Canine Consultants in Rumely where our instructor, Sue Kapla, taught my mom how to encourage me to be the best dog ever! It was a lot of fun and I met many new friends and we all had to learn how to be good dogs for our families.


When I am not encouraging goodwill at work, I am playing fetch of course! Or patrolling the homestead. But hopefully I am playing fetch. 


I hope to see you at Nagelkirk Gardens very soon!