Introducing our landscape designer:


Nagelkirk 016.jpg

If you’ve been daydreaming about your yard's potential, you’ll want to know about our Landscape Designer, Jordan! Raised in Marquette with visions of exploring the west, Jordan spent 10 years in Portland, Oregon, where he earned a B.S. in Architecture. With 15 years of experience in landscape construction and architectural design, he’s certainly the one we’d want managing our landscaping this year. 


Jordan passionately understands that a yard is an extension of a home. It’s important to treat the exterior as an extension of the building itself by considering complimentary concepts in design - meaning that your yard deserves as much love and attention as your living room or kitchen. Jordan’s formula for success revolves around marrying function and use with incredible design, making each space he manages a thriving work of art. 


He loves helping clients realize the full potential of their yard. Being the architect behind an outdoor transformation that homeowners will spend many happy moments in for years to come is a meaningful opportunity. Jordan returns to his desk each morning to develop the special details of upcoming designs, checking on the many plants and trees available at Nagelkirk Gardens for inspiration. 

When he’s not to be found in the office, he’s on site visits and overseeing ongoing projects. He keeps busy at work, and enjoys staying active during downtime too. Hockey and outdoor adventuring are a couple of favorite pastimes, but snuggling up to his sweet pitbulls and working on photography make for a great Sunday afternoon, too. Regardless of what he’s working on, he’s excited to be back in Marquette and part of the lively team here at Nagelkirk Gardens. 

If you’ve got a vision for your yard or are seeking professional advice on possibilities for your outdoor space, get in touch with Jordan at or by phone at (906) 228-7441.