Introducing our head designer and floral extraordinaire:


Kathryn is an imaginative floral designer born and raised in Negaunee, Michigan. In her six years working in floristry, Kathryn’s wild design style has left richly botanical compositions in the hands of many brides and bloom-lovers alike . By blending unique color palettes and using superbly enchanting flowers, like purple hellebore, in her designs, Kathryn easily became a beloved florist in the community. She can currently be found happily draping greenery and pushing petals here at Nagelkirk Gardens.

Kathryn’s sense of wanderlust has been known to draw her toward adventure, near and far. Living in a little town by a big lake is sure to be a bounty of inspiration, but we all need a shift in perspective every once in a while. While living in the mountains of Colorado from 2016 to 2018, Kathryn designed at Denver’s most renowned florist shop, The Perfect Petal. (@theperfectpetal)

In alignment with her appetite for the unexpected, she loves to add an element of surprise to her arrangements. How she harmonizes unique textures with big blooms is embodied in her magic as a designer.

What she loves most about being a florist is creating an arrangement based on someone’s experience. Her job not only consists of designing ornate bridal bouquets and bohemian boutonnieres, it also involves listening to the stories people share and making those moments into fine works of art through the language of flowers.

When not behind a floral counter, Kathryn can be found exploring a river on her kayak, spotted with mud from the woods, or in an Airbnb that she rented the night before - but wherever Kathryn is, her heart is always amidst a field of flowers.


If you would like to connect with Kathryn to discuss florals for your next event, she can be reached at or by phone at (906) 228-7441.