Introducing our fearless leader:


Nagelkirk 007.jpg

Who has great taste? It’s Sam Nagelkirk, of course! If you make a visit to the homestore or greenhouse here at Nagelkirk Gardens, you’ll know what we’re talking about. We hear it all the time from our patrons, and it’s true! From pots to gifts, to garden and home decor, Sam made them all available to you. Sam has many talents, and is especially gifted with an incredible eye for home and garden design.


Sam was born in Cebu, Philippines and came to America when she was two. A Christmas gift to Wisconsin, she arrived on Christmas Eve. At the farm she was raised on, nothing was wasted. What her family didn’t eat went to the dogs, pigs, chickens, or to the garden. 


Her love of flowers comes from her Grandfather, of whom she asked endless questions. He answered each with infinite patience, and taught her the practice of organic gardening before the mainstream realized it was even a thing. 


It’s been 7 years since Sam and Steve Nagelkirk bought the business from Meister’s. Each day Sam hits the ground running, like the leader she is. After making sure her staff have what they need to be successful, she’s connecting with vendors, solving problems, and assisting customers. She loves to talk design with those who visit Nagelkirk Gardens. A true visionary, her ideas improve the grounds, buildings, and business overall! 


When Sam’s not at work, she’s improving her 40 acre plot of land in Eben Junction (with the help of her sweet dog, Jaxon, no doubt).  She’s happy when she has a tool in hand - especially her chainsaw which she’s lovingly dubbed “Precious”. And with that much land to manage, her weed whip gets a lot of attention, too. 


Have you been mulling over designs for your home or garden this year? Stop in to Nagelkirk Gardens and see what Sam has in store for you!