Introducing our Landscape Designer mastermind:


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Meet our one and only Steve! He’s the friendly face behind Landscape Design here at Nagelkirk Gardens, and our trusty Comptroller. Each day of work for Steve is ever-changing, but the challenge of a new day with new demands keeps things exciting.


It’s been 37 years since Steve began his career. Jumping everywhere from garden centers to cemetery plot renovations to new lawn installations to Michigan State horticultural design, and irrigation design as well, Steve’s always been a fierce champion of landscape design of some form or another. It’s only fitting that he’d employ his strengths in Landscape Design at Nagelkirk Gardens. 


Born in Holland, Michigan, and raised between Marquette and Zeeland, much of Steve’s life has been spent ruminating on nature and how it rules landscape design. You see, the home and the sight must determine the landscape design. Form always follows function, for a successful space. In other words, if you look and listen to your yard - it will tell you what it needs.


There’s no such thing as a “typical day” at work for Steve - in such a fast-paced field, each day comes with new demands and quick decision making, all of which is highly rewarding. Appropriately, Steve loves implementing growth. Expansion, making new and improving old are all great mile-markers in Steve’s job. When it comes to landscape design, making new and improving old is what he does best. 


When he’s not engaged in landscape consultations with clients or keeping things in order at Nagelkirk Gardens, Steve is likely watching college basketball or cooking a favorite meal. He appreciates a good wine about as much as a good lawn. Steve, like many of us, is so ever grateful that he’s able to live such a wonderful life. 


If you’ve got an idea for your landscape or just don’t know where to begin, email to get started.