Introducing our head garden designer:


Nagelkirk 019.jpg

Theresa is the maven behind the magic of our beautiful pots and planters! After a career in new home sales downstate, Theresa retired and moved to Marquette to spend more time with family. She’s your classic grandmother, who loves getting into all sorts of crafts with her beloved grandkids. 


In retirement, with plenty of freetime, she became a regular visitor here at Nagelkirk gardens. Realizing how much she missed working and being with people, she heard a job here in the greenhouses calling her name! 


Her role creating unique planters feeds her plant and gardening addiction, and she adores working with such a high-spirited team of garden enthusiasts. Checking the greenhouse inventory to find what new and special plants are inspiring her is just one of the delightful parts of her job. It’s been a treat to see customers return year after year to have their pot planted by Theresa - her impressive green thumb has attracted quite a following in this little lakeside town. 


She starts her day by checking if any special orders are awaiting her attention. Then, she moves to her very own section of greenhouse, designated to plants patiently waiting to be added to a pot. Theresa has this intuitive way of knowing just what plants will make a pot sing. From ornamental grasses and vining leaves, to every shrub or flower in between, she loves adding unexpected elements to her designs. Her tried and true method never fails to make passers-by stop and stare in amusement. 


When designing a planter, Theresa will determine what to add based on a few factors; will the planter live in sun or shade? What does the client like as far as color, style, and upkeep? It’s Theresa’s signature to provide something extraordinary, and it’s one of the reasons we love her so much. 


Would you like to see one of Theresa’s designs in a pot of your own? Give us a call at (906) 228-7441 and leave her a message.