Vendor Contract


  • Date of the U.P. Wedding Show (the “Show”) will be on October 23rd, 2021. This agreement is only good for this date. Hours of the Show that are open to the public will be 12pm until 6pm. 

  • Nagelkirk Gardens’ (the “Owner”) Point of Contact is Samantha Evans and can be reached at 906-228-7441.  

  • The Show will be held in the greenhouse of Nagelkirk Gardens, as well as the event space behind the greenhouse.  

  • General Information/Conditions of Use 

  • Venue use will be limited to the specified areas on the property. The greenhouse, the gift shop, the gazebo, the event tent/lawn, the custom bar area, and the garden behind the greenhouse will all be areas in use for the Show. The parking lot behind the greenhouse is available for Vendors to park.  

  • This event is considered closed to the public, and all attendees are registered and have paid to attend.  

  • No animals allowed, except service animals (i.e., guide dogs) unless approved by Owner before the event. 

  • Moving or rearranging fixtures, furnishings, furniture, or other items on the property are prohibited unless approved by Owner. 

  • Owner is not responsible for any lost or damaged goods belonging to any Vendor 

  • All Vendors must comply with City Ordinances and Regulations. 

  • If any permits or licenses are required, they are to be obtained by the vendor on their own grounds and expense prior to the show date. 

  • Nagelkirk Gardens is a non-smoking venue and is permitted only in the designated smoking area. 

  • The Vendor is responsible to keep the space in a professional manner, is not permitted to drive any nails, screws, tacks, etc. without the consent of the Owner. The Vendor agrees to reimburse the Owner for any loss or damage occurring to the premises or equipment. 

  • Aisleways are to be kept free and clear of displays, signs, decorations, or any advertising exhibit that may be in the way of attendees.  

  • The space is to be strictly used for the Vendor that has paid for that space. No portion of the rented table may be sublet or transferred to another business without the Owner’s consent. Any Vendor that violates this will be liable to pay for the extra space at what the original space was rented for.  

  • Music and sound shall not be a disruption or distraction from what is happening at the Show, or to other Vendors. The Owner reserves the right to turn off/remove any audio that violates this.  

  • The Owner reserves the right to remove or restrict Vendor displays that we deem unsuitable or objectionable.  

  • Payment can be taken to reserve your space in the Show by card over the phone or in person, cash, or check.  

    Setup and Breakdown 

  • There will be an opening set up time of 9am; choose your time to set up at your own risk. Must be set up by 12pm.  

  • Breakdown will not begin until 6pm unless previously discussed between Owner and Vendor.  

    Alcohol Use 

  • No Vendor is to be drinking alcohol during the public hours of the show. The open bar is limited to the registered attendees.  


  • We have the right to take photos and videos of the event and use them for marketing purposes. All rights to and the use of photos taken by us belong to the Owner.  


  • In the event a Vendor cancels for any reason with 30 days or more before the Show, any monies paid to the Owner will be refunded 25% of total paid. If a Vendor cancels for any reason within 30 days before the Show, monies paid to Owner shall be retained to cover loss of time for rebooking. Cancellations for any reason must be made in writing and dated.  

    Force Majeure 

  • The performance of this Agreement by Nagelkirk Gardens is subject to any event that occurs that is beyond the venue’s control, such as “acts of God,” war, executive orders, disasters, fires, severe weather, flooding, or power outages. If the Show is to be cancelled for this reason, we will reschedule if possible. If there is no date that is deemed reasonable to rehost the Show, any monies paid will be refunded.  


  • The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Nagelkirk Gardens, its managers, staff, and agents working on its behalf, from all claims, actions, lawsuits, costs, damages, and liabilities resulting from the breach of this Agreement, negligent actions, willful misconduct or omissions of Client, and Client’s guests, invitees, agents, and sub-contractors. 

    Attorney's fees 

  • In the event of a dispute arising out of this Agreement that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the Vendor and the Owner agree to engage in mediation. If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation, and legal action ensues, the successful Party will be entitled to its legal fees, including but not limited to its attorneys’ fees. 


  • There is no guarantee made by Nagelkirk Gardens of success, sales, bookings, or any form of monetary gain. Your success will be based on your own professionalism and quality of efforts made, no matter how you implement them within your business with products/services offered.  


  • If any provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. 

    Complete agreement 

  • This agreement shall represent the entire agreement between Vendor and Venue Owner. No other agreements, oral or otherwise, regarding any subject matter of this Contract, shall be deemed to exist or to bind any of the parties that have entered this Contract.  

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-Donations are recommended for Raffle and Grand Prize Giveaway.

-Table choice will be made after payment is finalized on a first come first serve basis.

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